Ask Me Anything on Reddit

23 Jul

Recently, I did two AMAs on Reddit.

Click the links below to read the Ask Me Anything (AMA) segments on Reddit:

  1. Hi, I’m a Family Medicine Doctor. I find that patients that DON’T LIE to me make the best patients.
  2. Hi Reddit, I’m a Family Medicine Doctor. AMA about Celiac Disease and Gluten Intolerance.

How to do the Harlem Shake.

17 Feb

1. Canker sores are associated with Celiac Disease.

Ms. Lips.

Ms. Lips.

2. Canker sores are NOT contagious, while cold sores ARE. Typically, cold sores occur on the surface of your lips, while canker sores can occur on the inside of your mouth. Cold sores can cause viral meningitis.

Thinking of the word “viral,” my favorite viral video of the Harlem Shake comes to mind. Let’s talk about Canker & Cold Sores another day…

Three simple steps to do the Harlem Shake …

1. One person, stands in the center, with their head covered and dances for a few seconds

2. While that person is dancing and shaking, everyone around that person just goes about their normal business

3. Then, when the beat drops; everybody, in the frame joins in and starts dancing insanely and vigorously… That’s the Harlem Shake!

Below is my favorite version of the Harlem Shake:


15 Feb

Awesome. From the UK .

Vicodin — A Podcast

12 Feb

The podcast below discuses Vicodin Addiction. Cheers!

Click here to read the article from which this podcast is referenced.

Common Facts about Celiac Disease — A Podcast

9 Feb

Here’s an interview I did on the 6 Common Facts about Celiac Disease. Here is the reference article that I wrote a few months ago.



1 Feb


Our enemy is so pretty!



25 Jan




18 Jan


Mushrooms NOT ALWAYS Gluten Free

17 Jan

So, I came across this from

Question: Are mushrooms gluten-free?

Papa Smurf?

Answer: Plain mushrooms ought to be gluten-free — after all, they’re a fresh vegetable, right? But unfortunately, that’s not the end of the story for mushrooms if you’re particularly sensitive to trace gluten.

You see, mushroom spores are grown on gluten grains — most commonly on rye, but also on wheat and occasionally on a combination of the two grains. And this cultivation method leads to some gluten cross-contamination on the finished fungi…

The author goes on and informs us that washing and treating the mushrooms would likely reduce the 20 PPM (Parts Per Million) threshold required by US Labeling Laws to be “gluten free.”

As a patient and sure as hell as a doctor, I don’t like the statement: “washing my veggies will LIKELY result in reducing the ppm below 20.” I deserve to know if it does or does not.  The nutritional facts of what goes into my body need to be Black or White. I don’t care if I’m buying that from my local farmer’s market or from a national chain. I demand this as a consumer, a patient, and a doctor.

It’s imperative that federal food labeling laws regarding Gluten Free Foods become uniform and strongly supported by the varied patient symptoms, science, and medicine. And not be muddied by being in the Gray Zone.



11 Jan

Happy Fridays.