Frito-Lays Gluten Free Recipes

16 Nov

So, it came to my attention that Frito-Lays has created a dedicated gluten free section of recipes on its site. This is both good news and bad.

First the good: Awesome! Using their recipe list in conjunction with their gluten free food list you and I can quickly concoct up a fast meal/snack from a rather plentiful selection of foods. This is great for those quick ‘snacks on the go,’ and for those lazy Sundays. Sometimes, we’re not looking for a gourmet meal–it’s a snack attack we’re after. And, for this purpose alone, I think the above links make sense.

But, the bad: It’s Junk Food. I know I’m contradicting myself from the above–but, I think this juxtaposition, should be allowed to stand. But, the idea that I wish to explore: Where is a GF recipe index to fast and healthy foods? Foods that only only meet our celicac disease specifications; but, also, taste yummy, and don’t take forever to make. Perhaps, it’s time, we come together as a community and do just that.

I’m open to suggestions!


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