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Some Facts about Obesity

25 Dec

Here are some random facts about Obesity:

– Similar to how our muscles strengthen after lifting weights-

– Our bones respond to external forces such as our body’s weight, by strengthening our bones.

-Mechanical loading is a fancy way of saying the previous.

-Obese children tend to have mostly upper extremity fractures because their upper extremities (arm &hands)  aren’t  being loaded to the same degree, as their chubby little legs.  And thus, are more prone to fractures.

-Autoimmune antibodies in Celiac disease attack ones’ bone matrix.  This action is considered to be the mechanism behind bone destruction seen in celiac disease.

-50% of cats in the US are overweight. And, as another random FYI:  I am not a cat person.

chubby baby

Fries with that?

-Obese people are more likely to have chronic hair-loss, erectile dysfunction (ED), and infertility issues.

-Five percent of people surveyed said  they would rather lose a limb.   But, there are more obese Americans than Americans without limbs.

-Losing a limb is not a cure for obesity.  Rather,  it can occur with poorly controlled diabetes and obesity.

-Obesity ranks second among  preventable causes of death. Tobacco use is number one. Fuck Obesity.

-Cellulite is NOT the only skin condition you need to fear as a result of obesity.   Keep in mind: it’s harder to air-brush cellulitis, lymphedema and candida interigo than cellulite.

-Cellulitis is not Cellulite.  Candida Interigo is a yeast infection of your skin folds.   Please google image search these.

-The three main orthopedic diseases in children due to obesity are: slipped capital femoral epiphysis (SCFE), upper limb fractures, and perhaps Blount’s disease.

– Not all patients will benefit from bariatric surgery–as some are too overweight to get this procedure!

-Bariatric surgery has shown to reverse Type II diabetes.

– Chubby is not the new black.

-“With my sunglasses on I’m Jack Nicholson; without them, I am fat and 60.”  -Mr. J. Nicholson

-Sunglasses are not a cure for obesity.



Some Facts about Autism

18 Nov

Autism Awarenss

So, here are some facts about Autism.

→ Vaccines do not cause autism.

→ Autism is a deficit in a kiddos language skills.   Specifically, autism manifests as a deficit in receptive language or expressive language. The term Autism Spectrum Disorder has replaced the term Autism.

→Autism spectrum disorder is defined by defects in impairment in socialization, restricted/repetitive behavior, and impairment in communication.

→Intervening  early and intensively is key to treatment. It should be done by trained applied behavioral analysts affiliated with a medical group. It should NOT be done by isolation, changing foods, and other fad diets.

→ A child with autism starts showing signs  around 12 months of age by showing impairment in communication.

→It is hard for parents and doctors to judge impairment in communication. Let’s be honest, we communicate better some days than others. Just remember the last time one of our spouses were exiled to “the couch.”

→A child’s brain develops by pruning. Similar to how we prune a hedge. It’s argued that “autistic” kids don’t prune early in life.

→The  inability to show “joint attention” is the core symptom of autism and is a more concrete way to identify  “communication” impairments.

→Joint attention is best explained by this analogy:  a kiddo points to a cloud. He really digs that cloud. He then, looks at you or dad–he signals,  makes a noise, or says a word to get your interest. AND, then, the child wants you to see that groovy cloud. That is joint attention is a nutshell.

→The inability to see, express interest, and share that interest is very telling of autism spectrum disorder.

→In the near future, head circumference might be one of the first screening tools for the  indication of autism.

→Autism’s incidence is growing because we now have screening tools to recognize and diagnose it.

→The Academy of Pediatrics now recommends autism screening for ALL children from between 18 and 24 months of age.

If  your doctor doesn’t screen your child, ask them nicely.  If your doctor still doesn’t, get another doctor.

→Kiddos should be screened earlier than 18 months if they have a sibling with autism, aren’t talking by age 1, have a family history of any auto-immune diseases, or, if, they have a family history of any psychiatric disease.

→Autism is a diagnosis that now forces Commercial and Medicaid Insurance to pay for treatment by specialists. It was recently passed and is rightfully called the “autism insurance bill.”

→Most Commercial insurances and Medicaid now reimburse doctors for this screening test, MCHAT. It is politically correct to educate your doctor from reputed academic sources, not necessarily from what ya may have  heard on da street.

→By, that I mean: Jenny McCarthy.

→If, Mr Rodgers were still around, he’d surely not like Jenny McCarthy. But, I’m sure, he’d have a classy way of describing his opinion of her. I have yet to gain that skill.

Please note: the above does not replace medical advice, diagnosis, and treatment of your doctor.

Some Facts about Appendicitis

12 Nov

It’s gonna burst!

Here’s a list of some facts on appendicitis.

→Our appendix is a vestigial organ, we aren’t quite sure of its purpose.

→The plural of appendix is appendices.

→An inflamed appendix usually affects from adolescence to your late 40s of adulthood.  Those outside of this age group will usually have vague symptoms.

→It typically presents as acute epigastric abdominal pain which radiates to the  right lower quadrant of your belly are sometimes signs of appendicitis.

→An inflamed appendix is associated with fever, lack of appetite, nausea, vomiting are signs of appendicitis.

→A perforated appendix is a life threatening condition, it needs immediate attention.

→The treatment is surgical intervention.

→More than 250,000 folks get this stinker removed each year & some studies show an INCREASE in fiber shows DECREASED incidence of appendicitis.

→Most patients get discharged within one day after the surgery.

→You’ll need to rest for 1 week from school or work after an appendectomy.

→As long as you aren’t vomiting after surgery;  you can start eating a clear liquid diet.  Beer is NOT considered a clear liquid diet.

→Some of us have an appendix on our left side. There have been no studies that have shown an association with left sided appendixes and lefties in general.

→Pain caused by jumping up and down; or, pain with each bump in a car ride is called a “peritoneal sign;” it generally signifies peritoneal inflammation.

→Your little heart can eat as many popcorn kernels, pizza, and teriyaki chicken as it desires. These foods have NOT been shown to cause appendicitis.

Please note: the above does not replace medical advice, diagnosis, and treatment of your doctor.

Some Facts about Hernias

11 Nov

Man, that hurts!

Here are some random facts about hernias:

-Men AND Women can and do develop hernias.

-Most men will describe a history of lifting a heavy object, turning/twisting abnormanlly; and, then, a sensation of having felt a “pop” and seeing a “bulge.”

-You may see a mass extrude through the hernia, which resembles a pouch.

-No, you’re not a kangaroo.

-Your surgeon may have to perform emergency surgery if your intestines get strangulated or incarcerated as they move through the abdominal defect.

-Most hernias can be surgically corrected via a laparoscopic approach–this is of value because you’re left with three tiny suture sites.

-The surgery to repair the defect is VERY routine and is done to strengthen your abdominal wall. Think of a tire patch on a flat tire.

-Blood in stools, bloating, numbness in the inner thighs, and intense pain, are, sometimes, symptoms that your hernia isn’t just an accessory of the year. It’s NOT something to show to your friends at parties–it might be time to have that pouch examined by your doctor.

Please note: the above does not replace medical advice, diagnosis, and treatment of your doctor.

Some Facts about Vicodin

8 Nov

Use this list to get a better understanding of one of the most prescribed opiates in the world:

→Vicodin is made up of two medications: Tylenol and Hydro-Condone.

→The second drug in Vicodin is Tylenol. Greater than 4000mg per day can cause acute live failure and death.

→You WILL NOT be able to enjoy a good rum & coke if you develop liver failure or death.

→Vicodin can lead to heroin and crack addiction.

→Vicodin contains  three syllables: \ˈvī-kō-dən\

→Vicodin attaches to opioid receptors in the brain.

→It causes constipation.  Sometimes, SERIOUS, constipation.

→Prescription drug overdosing is now the number 1 cause of accidental death in America.

→Even successful people get addicted to Vicodin.

→If you are prescribed Vicodin, and you have a history of drug or alcohol abuse: try saying: “No,  thank you!” With a smile ask for ice cream or other painkillers instead.

→The only appropriate way to take it is to swallow it whole.

→Crushing the drug tablet into a powder to sniff and/or  mixing it with water to inject is NOT a good idea.

→Having multiple doctors prescribe the medicine to you; or you buying Vicodin from your street “pharmacist” is a sign of addiction.

→Greater or equal to 5 refills in 6 months maybe a sign for moderate abuse potential.

→Vicodin and Heroin are related. To ease your desire to take it: think of Vicodin like Heroin’s little ugly cousin.

→Withdrawal from Vicodin will not kill you. It might feel like it.  If your loved ones buy you Vicodin to help with your withdrawal symptoms because it hurts them more than it hurts you– say “NO, thank you!”  Ask for a brownie.

→Vicodin is not on Walmart’s $4 list.

There are rehab centers that help you withdraw and detox without feeling the intense withdrawl symptoms.  You can voluntarily go to these or feel free in asking your doctor to recommend some in particular.

Here are 6 things every Celiac patient must know

5 Nov

And 6 Facts you can share with your friends:

6: Celiac is also an artery in your stomach.

Celiac Artery

5:  Pooping and Shitting are NOT the only symptoms of Celiac Disease

Pooping and Shitting

Let’s Poop

4: Celiac Disease can and does affect your reproductive system. Man & Woman

Pregnant, Maybe?

3: Celiac Disease Patients, even at young age, have weaker bones than normal.

Broken Bones


2: The most common non gastroenterological symptom is: ANEMIA.

Fatigue Hurts

1: The most common symptom for Celiac Disease is: Fatigue.

Tired and Fatigued


Please note:  the above does not replace medical advice, diagnosis, and treatment of your doctor.