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Some Facts about Appendicitis

12 Nov

It’s gonna burst!

Here’s a list of some facts on appendicitis.

→Our appendix is a vestigial organ, we aren’t quite sure of its purpose.

→The plural of appendix is appendices.

→An inflamed appendix usually affects from adolescence to your late 40s of adulthood.  Those outside of this age group will usually have vague symptoms.

→It typically presents as acute epigastric abdominal pain which radiates to the  right lower quadrant of your belly are sometimes signs of appendicitis.

→An inflamed appendix is associated with fever, lack of appetite, nausea, vomiting are signs of appendicitis.

→A perforated appendix is a life threatening condition, it needs immediate attention.

→The treatment is surgical intervention.

→More than 250,000 folks get this stinker removed each year & some studies show an INCREASE in fiber shows DECREASED incidence of appendicitis.

→Most patients get discharged within one day after the surgery.

→You’ll need to rest for 1 week from school or work after an appendectomy.

→As long as you aren’t vomiting after surgery;  you can start eating a clear liquid diet.  Beer is NOT considered a clear liquid diet.

→Some of us have an appendix on our left side. There have been no studies that have shown an association with left sided appendixes and lefties in general.

→Pain caused by jumping up and down; or, pain with each bump in a car ride is called a “peritoneal sign;” it generally signifies peritoneal inflammation.

→Your little heart can eat as many popcorn kernels, pizza, and teriyaki chicken as it desires. These foods have NOT been shown to cause appendicitis.

Please note: the above does not replace medical advice, diagnosis, and treatment of your doctor.