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Happy Holidays

25 Dec


Happy Holidays

So, I pulled up to the Starbucks drive through on Christmas Eve and Nick asked, “What would you like for Christmas?” I said “a medium black coffee, double cupped.” For those of you that don’t personally know Nick, you are missing out. Though, most of you probably know him from one of my first entries on my blog.

Nick for the last 16 months has asked me on an almost daily basis as to why I choose to have my cofee black. No, he’s never said “Once you go black, you dont…” Pay attention!

I explain the details of my AM coffee to him, Everyday. In the drive-through lane. Our latest conversation has been about non celiac gluten sensitivity and why a young man chooses to wear skinny jeans. I teach him about the former, he the latter.

“So, you just want a black cup of coffee for Christmas?” I smile at him, and say: “Yes, just that.”

This time, he simply smiled at me and said “Happy Holidays.” This was my first interaction with Nick in which I did not need to bust out my “super celiac educator cape” for the 1 in 133 people out there. There indeed was a lot of smiling going on.

I consider it to be my responsibility as a physician to educate people about Celiac disease, on a daily basis. I smile alot, nod my head to show that I am actively engaged in conversation, and BHAAMMM!! They end up learning something.

This time, I smiled back at Nick, and just needed to say “Happy Holidays.” No teaching, no educating needed today. For the first time, I felt like all the other people in the line: I simply felt like an anonymous overpaying Starbucks’ customer. I felt normal. And then Nick, in his deep Tom Brokaw– voice said, “The driver in front of you paid for your coffee.” I was touched by their random act of kindness, especially since I was guilty of tailgating them too closely and totally violated their personal space in the drive-through lane.

And then, I became even happier when I heard what Nick said next: “ They asked why you wanted a black coffee, and I told them “it’s because are you are allergic to soy, gluten, and dairy.”


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