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How to do the Harlem Shake.

17 Feb

1. Canker sores are associated with Celiac Disease.

Ms. Lips.

Ms. Lips.

2. Canker sores are NOT contagious, while cold sores ARE. Typically, cold sores occur on the surface of your lips, while canker sores can occur on the inside of your mouth. Cold sores can cause viral meningitis.

Thinking of the word “viral,” my favorite viral video of the Harlem Shake comes to mind. Let’s talk about Canker & Cold Sores another day…

Three simple steps to do the Harlem Shake …

1. One person, stands in the center, with their head covered and dances for a few seconds

2. While that person is dancing and shaking, everyone around that person just goes about their normal business

3. Then, when the beat drops; everybody, in the frame joins in and starts dancing insanely and vigorously… That’s the Harlem Shake!

Below is my favorite version of the Harlem Shake: