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Some Facts about Hernias

11 Nov

Man, that hurts!

Here are some random facts about hernias:

-Men AND Women can and do develop hernias.

-Most men will describe a history of lifting a heavy object, turning/twisting abnormanlly; and, then, a sensation of having felt a “pop” and seeing a “bulge.”

-You may see a mass extrude through the hernia, which resembles a pouch.

-No, you’re not a kangaroo.

-Your surgeon may have to perform emergency surgery if your intestines get strangulated or incarcerated as they move through the abdominal defect.

-Most hernias can be surgically corrected via a laparoscopic approach–this is of value because you’re left with three tiny suture sites.

-The surgery to repair the defect is VERY routine and is done to strengthen your abdominal wall. Think of a tire patch on a flat tire.

-Blood in stools, bloating, numbness in the inner thighs, and intense pain, are, sometimes, symptoms that your hernia isn’t just an accessory of the year. It’s NOT something to show to your friends at parties–it might be time to have that pouch examined by your doctor.

Please note: the above does not replace medical advice, diagnosis, and treatment of your doctor.