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Vicodin — A Podcast

12 Feb

The podcast below discuses Vicodin Addiction. Cheers!

Click here to read the article from which this podcast is referenced.


Some Facts about Vicodin

8 Nov

Use this list to get a better understanding of one of the most prescribed opiates in the world:

→Vicodin is made up of two medications: Tylenol and Hydro-Condone.

→The second drug in Vicodin is Tylenol. Greater than 4000mg per day can cause acute live failure and death.

→You WILL NOT be able to enjoy a good rum & coke if you develop liver failure or death.

→Vicodin can lead to heroin and crack addiction.

→Vicodin contains  three syllables: \ˈvī-kō-dən\

→Vicodin attaches to opioid receptors in the brain.

→It causes constipation.  Sometimes, SERIOUS, constipation.

→Prescription drug overdosing is now the number 1 cause of accidental death in America.

→Even successful people get addicted to Vicodin.

→If you are prescribed Vicodin, and you have a history of drug or alcohol abuse: try saying: “No,  thank you!” With a smile ask for ice cream or other painkillers instead.

→The only appropriate way to take it is to swallow it whole.

→Crushing the drug tablet into a powder to sniff and/or  mixing it with water to inject is NOT a good idea.

→Having multiple doctors prescribe the medicine to you; or you buying Vicodin from your street “pharmacist” is a sign of addiction.

→Greater or equal to 5 refills in 6 months maybe a sign for moderate abuse potential.

→Vicodin and Heroin are related. To ease your desire to take it: think of Vicodin like Heroin’s little ugly cousin.

→Withdrawal from Vicodin will not kill you. It might feel like it.  If your loved ones buy you Vicodin to help with your withdrawal symptoms because it hurts them more than it hurts you– say “NO, thank you!”  Ask for a brownie.

→Vicodin is not on Walmart’s $4 list.

There are rehab centers that help you withdraw and detox without feeling the intense withdrawl symptoms.  You can voluntarily go to these or feel free in asking your doctor to recommend some in particular.